Top 10 Financial Experts You Must Follow on Twitter

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With the increasing influence of social media & especially Twitter, the demand of presence of financial gurus to share their two cents on hot topics has shot up. We realise that list down for you the top Finance people you should be following on Twitter. These advisors have risen themselves to be “must follows” with a mix of sharp analysis, killer humor, serious personality, and breakthrough insight.

  1. Kit Juckes, Head of FX Strategy at Societe Generale- Follow him at @kitjuckes. Kit is one of the highest-level strategists at SocGen. He has some real knowledge about finances and engages in conversation quite often apart from sharing his insights.
  2. Peter Tchir, Founder of TF Market Advisors- Follow him at @TFMkts. Peter follows & shares his insights on share market & his tweets can come in quite handy at times!
  3. Paul Kedrosky, Venture capitalist, entrepreneur- Catch him at @pkedrosky.  Being a venture capitalist , he has a knack for smart investment options & tips that you definitely want to follow.
  4. Barry Ritholtz, Author, columnist, stock analyst- He can be followed at @ritholtz. Barry is also a guest very frequently on Bloomberg which is a TV channel for all the financial news across the world. His tweets are generally a sardonic commentary on markets and the financial industry but they offer some great advice.
  5. Conor Sen, Blogger, portfolio manager, self-proclaimed “data junkie” can be followed at @conorsen. His tweets usually comprise of statistics! Check out his profile for all the latest analytical stats.
  6. Joshua Brown, Financial advisor, blogger- Follow him at @ReformedBroker. Being a financial advisor, his tweets are generally around investment options and the returns that they offer.
  7. Maureen O Connell, CFO, Scholastic can be reached at @MO_Connell. Her timeline is a must follow for all the aspirational CFO’s.
  8. Frederik Ducrozet, Senior economist for Credit Agricole- Follow him at- @fwred. He provides live commentary and analysis on major financial events in the eurozone.
  9. John Kiff, Senior financial sector expert, International Monetary Fund, can be reached at- @kiffmeister. He is an IMF expert with advice on all the things in BFSI sector.
  10. Michael Kitces, Financial advisor- Follow him at @michaelkitces. He is a very well known name in the wealth advisor world & writes a blog called Nerds Eye View.

While you may have some ideas about what types of investments to own or what funds to buy & when to buy, these financial gurus can offer you insights you may not have.  Follow them today and give your financial portfolio a healthy life.